At Tranquility Now we offer THREE PREMIUM ENHANCEMENTS that can be added to your Zero Gravity Tranquility Massage experience.  

Our flagship enhancement is Guided Meditation delivered through the patented, proprietary, device which leverages the science of binaural beats via our acclaimed MEDITAINMENT guided meditation and visualization system. A generous library of topical sessions can be customized to our guests needs, thus enabling each individual to avail themselves to information and topics most relevant and meaningful to them.  

Additionally, guests may also choose to add the Super Novo’s™ patented Dual-Lumbar Heat aka our version of “hot stones” to soothe achy muscles or an array of our Organic Aromatherapy pure essential oils delivered via a patented waterless diffuser for a greater, heightened, sensation to top off their tranquility experience.

Many people love to bundle all three creating a truly unique, immersive experience. 

Tranquility Now is located at 2780 Monroe Avenue in the brand new Whole Foods Plaza and open Monday through Saturday. We can be reached by phone at 585-417-8200 or via email by filling out the short contact form on our website.

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