Stress and Pain are universal problems.

Our state of the art modalities help people feel their best.

How we're doing it.

Tranquility Now™ uses state of the art massage products with patented massage systems. These modern and exquisitely designed chairs replicate the touch and techniques used by leading massage professionals to reduce pain and stress, encourage tranquility with relaxation and give you a best in class experience.


Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation gives the gift of a present mind. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and distressed, you’ll feel energized and have the confidence to make better choices. A known benefit is also enhanced sleep patterns thus awakening rested, with a sharp, focused, and restored mindfulness. Performance accelerates as your brain gains a heightened sense of clarity while your energy returns to its fullest form. As a result, you acquire the focus and clarity to engage fully and make meaningful, actionable, positive change happen.



Our waterless diffusers provide four distinct organic comforting oils to promote a feeling of calm and contentment: This will promote a more immersive experience creating additional rest and relaxation.


Dual Lumbar Heat

Sometimes that sore back or tired legs just need that little extra attention.  That’s where the incredibly built in "hot stones" aka targeted dual-lumbar and calf heat comes into play as it gently soothes the back and loosens tight muscles for our clients ultimate pain relief. 


Why inquire?

Tranquility Now stands ready to be a fast-growing massage and spa franchise that provides luxurious treatments to clients across the country As more individuals discover the health advantages of this time-honored practice, demand for massage franchise services is rising quickly. Customers can use Tranquility Now services to unwind, get rid of pain, and improve their health. Automation reduces expenses, such as labor, and lends itself to scalability while maintaining the predictable outcomes that today's consumer deserves. Find out how to be considered for a future franchise and enter the booming spa market.

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Tranquility Now is located at 2780 Monroe Avenue in the brand new Whole Foods Plaza and open Monday through Saturday. We can be reached by phone at 585-417-8200 or via email by filling out the short contact form on our website.

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