Your Brain at Its Best - Skip years of disciplined practice. Enjoy results instantly. 

The MEDITAINMENT system at Tranquility Now and delivers a full suite of sessions that range across desired life outcomes and tap into different neural pathways in your brain. With a huge subject library of unique sessions, you can focus on what's important to you.

Guided Meditation.
A customizable Experience

You're in Control. We've designed MEDITAINMENT to fit seamlessly into your life and enhance your brain's fitness whenever and whatever you need. You'll find sessions to wake up your brain, giving you stamina to tackle your day, to re-energize your mid-day, boosting your productivity, mood and mindset. Simply choose from an array of topics to really dial in your specific topic of interest and needs. Remember, when you Renew Your Mind you can more easily Reclaim Your Life! ENJOY!

Guided Meditation fused with Visualization

The MEDITAINMENT system at Tranquility Now delivers a full suite of topical sessions that range across desired life outcomes and "tap" into different neural pathways in your brain via audio recordings With dozens of unique sessions guests at Tranquility Now can choose any relevant session and focus on what's important to them.

Enjoy the Destination and the Journey

Think Better.

Meditainment gives you the gift of a present mind. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and distressed, you’ll feel energized and have the confidence to make better choices.

Sleep Better

Train your brain to relax into your body’s natural sleep pattern and awaken rested, with a sharp, focused, and restored mindfulness.

Perform Better.

Your performance accelerates as your brain gains a heightened sense of clarity while your energy returns to its fullest form. As a result, you acquire the focus and clarity to engage fully and make meaningful, actionable, positive change happen.

A library of Unique Sessions

Categories Include: Stress Free Me, Worry Free Me, Optimal Health, Life Mastery, and Breaking the Chains. Restful Sleep, Focus and Clarity, Athletic Performance, Optimal Health, Weight Wellness, Breaking through PTSD, Pain-Free Lifestyle, Brain Training, and many more.

Science-Based and Validated

Our technology is grounded in proven science, validated through clinical studies and trusted by thousands of health providers.

Effortless Experience

Meditainment stimulates the brain directly, requiring no active participation by the user, and allowing you to let go completely. Even when our sessions tell you to breathe in, you can breathe out—and the tech still does all the work.

“Your brain is plastic. You have the power within at any age to be better, more capable, continuously growing a progressively more interesting life.”

- Dr. Michael Merzenich

Your Brain is Your Greatest Superpower

That's Why We're Committed to its Fitness.


Neuroscientists now know that the brain is plastic, a quantum leap from the outdated notion that we are victims of genetics or permanently limited due to our IQ. Brain plasticity, scientifically known as neuro-plasticity, is the brain’s innate ability to change and adapt its structure and function in response to experiences and is, therefore, key to optimal overall wellness.

Brain states that were once only possible during deep meditative states achieved over years of disciplined practice are now available to everyone in 20 effortless minutes.

Meditainment gently guides the brain from the chronic and destructive fight-or-flight state into deep relaxation, naturally restoring the parasympathetic balance, which is often all that's needed to achieve mental harmony, better health, and an exceptional quality of life.

Significant Findings

  • Increased heart rate variability
  • Improved quality of sleep (sleep efficiency)
  • Increased parasympathetic activity
  • Decreased stress, worry, and irritability Improved brain health (episodic memory)

In a Single Session...

  • 38.5% Improvement on the stress index scale
  • 27.3% Improvement on overall neurological markers
  • Increased heart rate variability
- Global Advances in Health and Medicine Vol. 9, 2020

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